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Kuki Ndiho partners with community organizations, schools of all levels, religious and cultural institutions to gather, collect and ship much-needed clothing items to its orphans in Rwanda. Please write us if interested in learning more at Please include photos of yourself or your family to include with the individual clothing items so that we can thank you on our web site and so those to who receive the items will also know. snd

Annual Sneaker Drive

Seventh and eighth grader at the Christian Formation Student at St. Vincent Martyr Catholic Church in MADISON, NEW JERSEY are holding a sneaker drive for Rwandan Orphans through the holiday season. They will be collecting new or gently used sneakers in all sizes now. Please contact teacher Henry Page at EMAIL HERE


July 2017
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“Its not your fault if you born into poverty But its your fault if you stay there. If you are an orphan you can create your own family.” Russ Whitney. Today is message when I asked him to give a message of Hope to Rwandan Orphans. God bless.

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Rwanda: a genocide survivor through “WHY DO I EXIST ? project saves more orphans by Gilbert Cyiza, Imburi Phare

Children and youth are considered as cornerstones of development in any post conflict state. In the case of Rwanda after 1994 genocide where over one millions people were killed, a number of organisations have been established to support genocide orphans. “WHY DO I EXIST ? / KUKI NDIHO RWANDA ORPHANS SUPPORT PROJECT ” is one of them.

Audace RODRUIGUEZ , 27 years old, was four when his family and neighbors were hunted down day and night and killed – 23 years ago.

Today, however, Audace does not shilly-shally in an exclusive interview with Imburi Phare when he advises and strongly urges Rwandans to unite and work hard to create a healthier and self-reliant capacity.


Imburi Phare, what is your consideration and aims in this period?

Audace Ndihokubwayo, as an orphans who stay alone the period like this, is too hard, life is not easy at all, and when you remember that you are alone without any parents you tend to get discouraged. But even in such hard and difficult moments, we stand strong and protect our right, with trust in God we must accept it because is our history; and in the tough circumstances we are living as orphans and believe that we still have a promising and brilliant future.

Tell us about Marie Claudine Mukamabano and her project?

Thank you, Mukamabano through her project, started providing me support in 2012. I knew her through social media (Facebook), then later I started to share with her about my orphanage experience that prevailed at that time, because I had discovered that her project “Why do I exist” was already sponsoring young orphans about healing and self-development. Mukamabano being a 1994 genocide survivor and orphan; she was able to understand my request very quickly and I was blessed to be taken in and supported by her “WHY DO I EXIST ? ” project.

According to you, what is the role and impact of WHY DO I EXIST ?

I have gained a lot support from the project; I remember in 2013 I participated a training organised and facilitated by the project under the theme “Trauma Healing”. It was helpful for me, I was able to learn how deal and manage Trauma in challenging and difficult moments. Furthermore, the project provided funds that catered for my education, healthcare, nutrition, etc.

Do you have any sustainable home projects that you are planning/set up for self-reliance?

It’s in human nature that every grown up has a challenge to attain self-reliance. I have projects in mind but the resources are still very limited but at the moment but I feel am highly motivated to able to achieve something special in my life. I will make a few project propositions to Mukamabano for sponsorship and once sponsored I believe I shall be fully empowered and self-reliant.

Could you tell us about that project?

“In order to take a step to being self-reliant, the first step is the realisation of human basic needs, it is upon us to seek opportunities in the different sectors of the economy. According to my simple survey, I have moved to several markets and I picked interest in most agricultural farm products and particularly buying cheaper vegetables from the villages and reselling it in the town markets and beyond, which I think should leave me with a marginal profit for self-sufficiency.


Following the end of 1994 Rwanda Genocide that left my parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grands parents, loved ones, friends, classmates, and fellow countrymen, there was no body to turn to, nowhere to run since the whole country was in state of emergency and yet I ‘Mukamabano’ still surviving however her strong Catholic faith inspired her to seek the answer to the question of KUKI NDIHO? / WHY DO I EXIST ?

The first thing that came into Her mind was to start up something that would give hope to any displaced and homeless citizens of Rwanda, but as earlier mentioned, the country was mainly left with many orphaned and youthful people and that’s why she founded the project to help rebuild her beloved but rather troubled nation at the time.

The project’s mission is to advocate and devoted for orphans whose parents perished during genocide or died because of HIV.

By Gilbert Cyiza, Imburi Phare



A Rwandan Orphan, Genocide Survivor, Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Ambassador for Peace, Mult-Talented Artist and Actress , Self- Published Author , Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO, She is the New” MISS GLOBAL PEACE 2017 !!!!! Crowned by US Small Business Administration, Economic Development Supervisory Jennifer J. with Western African University Students Leaders Mr. Arnauld B. at the United Nations Committee on Commission on Statues of Women. CSW 61

Dear Marie Claudine Mukamabano
you are the perfect woman to wear that crown and sash, my dear!
So glad I was able to get there today and hear you encourage others and ignite the creative energy of people around you through YOUR story of courage and reclamation! you are AWESOME!!! ” Kathleen. American Actress in New York City & Philanthropist.

” Hi Marie,
It was so nice to meet you today, and hear your inspiring entrepreneurial story. I am in awe of how the Lord has used you to accomplish his will, and how he used your desire to be a movie star, to create an inspiring documentary of your life. I was also so inspired by your energy and how you have served others and the Lord has returned it by providing for you. ”

” Congratulations. Quite an accomplishment. I never expected anything less. Your fame spreads!!” Said; Miss Jeri , My Entrepreneurship Teacher at FAST TRACK , NEW YORK, SMALL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

“Awesome woman and at a well deserved time. It’s women “Herstory” month.” Dianne a Facebook Friend.
MISS GLOBAL PEACE. with Mission to Promote Peace, Women & Girls Empowerment, Resolution 1325, Effective Leadership Communication , Entrepreneurship Technology and Social Media Marketing
More details about accomplishments of our New Miss Global Peace Please go to


During the genocide in Rwanda, I find myself jumping over the bodies of the people, children were being killed from my left and right, people were being shot in front of me. I really didn’t think I’d survive, I thought I’d die like everyone else. Therefore, I took a vow before God. I said, “Lord, if you save my life and I survive, I will do everything in my ability to help Rwandan orphans”.

Before that, my dream was to get a PhD in mathematics because I was really good in it. I was the first young girl in my school to win a scholarship to study Mathematics in the best Catholic school in Rwanda named “College Saint Andrew”. I was brilliant, So I thought nothing would stop me to get the PhD, and invent something which students would learn in school such as inventions of Archimedes, Pythagoras , or like others scientists who invented something that changed the world. It was a big dream for my age but I wanted to leave a legacy. My plan was to call it my full name “Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO”. I could visualize my invention in my dream when I was still in elementary school.

It would have been wonderful to have the students everywhere learning about my invention. So, the moment I made a promise to God to help the orphans, I changed my plan. I said that if God saved my life, I would not get the PhD in mathematics but instead I will study business and establish my organization to raise money, and to help orphans. Economics was my favorite field since it has a lot to do with math, because I really love math.

Due to the lack of the required number of students to study Economics, I was obliged to study business instead.

WHY DO I EXIST ? Is a question I ask myself as a genocide survivor and I believe that my existence is to praise God and help others. I believe my existence is to change somebody’s life. I believe it’s my duty to promote peace, and to prevent evil acts by promoting the acts of kindness, and the benefits of performing God’s holiness.

I established The Claudine’s Healing & Empowerment Dancing with Orphans in Kigali Rwanda, June 2005.
In September 2005 when I was dancing with the Rwanda Dance Group, and we were talking about the genocide and the survivors in Rwanda. We were planning to figure out our next step as artists to help improve the lives of survivors, especially the orphans, which is my life’s mission. I remember telling Rwanda Super Star Jean Paul SAMPUTU that I wanted to name the organization that reflected myself, something that will make me definitely feel responsible for somebody. It came up in my mother tongue, KUKI NDIHO? “Why Do I Exist?” “Why I Exist?”
Sometimes, we blame other people for our failures; and we sit down with our arms crossed assuming that they will do something to solve our problems. I wanted to do something for the helpless to take responsibility, and make a difference in somebody’s life, because I wanted to acknowledge how God saved my life. That’s how Why Do I Exist came to life. It helped me to fulfill my promises to God, and the vow I made to God during the genocide in Rwanda.

THANK YOU so very much for all my friends and supporters who are helping to advance my Book writing project
Thank you so much for your ideas and guidance. Thank you. Thank you. May God continue to protect and bless you. Peace.
Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO
Founder & CEO of

Kuki Ndiho Foundation :: Why Do I Exist
MISS GLOBAL PEACE. with Mission to Promote Peace, Women & Girls Empowerment, Resolution 1325, Effective Leadership Communication , Entrepreneurship Technology and Social Media Marketing
More details about accomplishments of our New Miss Global Peace Please go to

MISS Global Peace