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Kuki Ndiho partners with community organizations, schools of all levels, religious and cultural institutions to gather, collect and ship much-needed clothing items to its orphans in Rwanda. Please write us if interested in learning more at Please include photos of yourself or your family to include with the individual clothing items so that we can thank you on our web site and so those to who receive the items will also know. snd

Annual Sneaker Drive

Seventh and eighth grader at the Christian Formation Student at St. Vincent Martyr Catholic Church in MADISON, NEW JERSEY are holding a sneaker drive for Rwandan Orphans through the holiday season. They will be collecting new or gently used sneakers in all sizes now. Please contact teacher Henry Page at EMAIL HERE


July 2014
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Press Conference of How to Fundraiser trough Social Media,Innovative Technology and Entrepreneurship


Media Contact:

Marie Claudine Mukamabano

Phone: 347.465.4045


Seminar Press Conference on Fundraising to be Held by Rwandan Genocide Survivor

On Friday, August 8, 2014, Marie Claudine Mukamabano, an Orphan Survivor of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, will hold a Seminar Press Conference entitled, “Fundraising Through Social Media, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship” at

the Church Center of the United Nations (777 1st Avenue  Avenue, East  44th Street) in New York City,

Time: from 5:30PM until 8:30PM.

At the press conference,

Claudine will announce the release of her  book, “The Power of Social Media: Be Yourself & Change Somebody’s Life Today.

” Her audiobook is an excellent resource for every person who seeks  to maximize the use of social media to change the lives of others. In her book, Ms. Mukamabano describes the potential growth each person has to expand a company and bring it to a level beyond one’s imagination. She offers her life’s work as an example in a thrilling, entertaining, and exciting matter. In her audio book, no one will leave disappointed, but be , but be empowered to effectively use social media.

After losing her parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, loved ones, friends, classmates, and fellow countrymen during the Rwandan Genocide, Ms. Mukamabano’s Catholic faith inspired her to seek the answer to the question of KUKI NDIHO​ — Why Do I Exist, in her native tongue.​ ​ This question now serves as the name of her organization​, Why Do I Exist/ Kuki Ndiho Rwanda Orphans Support Project ​, ​which she established in 2005 to raise awareness on the genocide in Rwanda, help survivors, and aid orphans of HIV. (For mor​e​ information or to provide any donation ​to support this humanitarian effort​t​, please visit For Sponsorship , Collaborations or Partnership please call  347 465 4045

Please meet our  the Chair of our Seminar:

H.E Dr. Mamadou Tangara, Ambassador of Gambia to the United Nations

HE. Mr. Tangara held various positions within the Government of the Gambia from 2010 to 2013, serving as Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, as well as Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad.

He also briefly served as Minister for Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters. Previously, he served as Coordinator of the National Authorizing Office Support Unit for European Union-funded programmes and projects in the Gambia, a position he held from 2008 to 2010.

In 2009, Mr. Tangara was appointed by the President of the Gambia as focal point on matters related to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Science Sector.

From 2002, Mr. Tangara held various positions at the University of the Gambia, first as Lecturer, then as President and Chairman of the University Governing Council, a position which he still holds.

Early in his career, he was Editor-in-Chief of La Lune, a magazine for French learners published in French. Mr. Tangara holds a Doctor of Philosophy in social sciences from the Université de Limoges in France and two master’s degrees from the same university and the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium. Born in Banjul in 1965, Mr. Tangara is married and has children.

Special – Guest  &  Speakers ;

H.E ISAIAH Z. CHABALA ,He is the former Ambassador of Zambia to the United Nations and International Organizations in New York.
Isaiah Zimba Chabala is the Founder and President of Visionary Consulting Associates, an international development consulting group that provides planning and resource development services for international organizations, national governments and development agencies.

The consulting group specializes in international relations, human rights, finance and development, sustainable development, community-based and grassroots development, poverty alleviation, gender equality, empowerment of women and girls, and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

A career foreign service officer and senior government official for many years, Ambassador
Chabala served as Under-Secretary for Budget and Economic Affairs and Director of Economic
and Technical Cooperation, among other senior government appointments. He is the former
Ambassador of Zambia to the United Nations and International Organizations in New York and Geneva, the European Union and, concurrently, to Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.
He is Strategic Partner with Pickering & Associates and InternetSpeech, and Senior Advisory with
DaMina Advisors, LLP. He serves on the boards of non-governmental organizations in special consultative status with the United Nations, including the Global Alliance for Women’s Health and Innovation: Africa. He also serves as international consultant with Starkey Hearing Foundation, the largest provider of free hearing aids to poor children and adults in the world.

He is the Founder/President of Visionary Empowerment, Inc, a nonprofit corporation that has established a women empowerment organization in Zambia, providing sustainable business skills and life-skills training for women and girls, including HIV/AIDS orphans and widows, particularly in rural and under-served communities. He is also the Trustee of The Hidden Voice Center for children with disabilities in Zambia.

Ambassador Chabala is a graduate of the University of Zambia (Economics and French); St. Peter’s College, Oxford University (Foreign Service); University of Bath (Fiscal Studies); and holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs in New York City. He is widowed with two adult children and resides in Manhattan, New York City.

Mr. Mike Murphy is a licensed clinical social worker,addictions specialist and founder of the Center For Compassionate Communication in Nyack, NY
He is the Alternatives to Violence Project outside coordinator for  Otisville and Eastern Correctional facilities in NY. His  mission is to Build Beloved Community through training Peace Ambassadors in conflict transformation, trauma recovery and restorative practices. For years, Mike has  creatively integrated the communication skills of Nonviolent Communication with the Trans formative Power
of the Alternatives to Violence Project. He has recently  offered workshops in Kenya which wereenthusiastically received and appreciated.

Please meet our Press Conference Hostess.

The Only ONE, Miss Dede Omon
Omon Okor has established herself as the radio personality and host of African Connection, Splash Radio, an

Her mission now is to assist the orphans still living on her continent of origin. She is known by many for her ability to seek goodness in others and to provide for others in need by sharing whatever she has

outreach, innovative program discussing, informing, and raising the awareness of its listeners regarding the global oppression of women and children.

Omon was born in the village of Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria. She draws on her own and very personal life experiences to reach out to her sisters and to engage her guests and listeners in meaningful commentary. Omon has interviewed candidates running for political office, program sponsors raising money for the education of women, and rising African artists. Educated in Nigeria only as a very young child, Omon learned to read, write, and speak English on her own, using materials given to her by a priest. Omon’s survival can only be attributed to her deep religious faith and an incredible strength to rebound from utter despair.


RWANDA MEET JAMAICA On Monday, July 28, 2014, from 5:30pm- 9pm, at The Hudson River Cafe

For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Marie Claudine Mukamabano
Email: 347.465.4045


Location: The HUDSON RIVER CAFE (697 West. 133rd Street on 12 Avenue) in New York City.

Tickets are available and on sale for  ONLY $20! Space is limited. Call 347 465 4045 to get your Ticket Today!


Rwandan dancer, genocide survivor Marie Claudine Mukamabano will hold a benefit dance for Rwandan Elemantary School  in Kigali, ” EDUCATION FOR ALL ”  organized by  her Charitable Organization  WHY DO I EXIST? KUKI NDIHO RWANDA ORPHANS SUPPORT PROJECT in Collaboration with the Shouts of Joy Ministries Inc.

All are invited to come, and DANCE FOR A CAUSE DANCE FOR LIFE.

Enjoy life while making a difference. Rwandan, Jamaican, and African Music ​will be played. Artists include Dean Green and RaggaPraise.

If you want to Promote your Business, Arts, Music,​ or ​just represent your community, please E-​mail us today at
For Sponsorship, Collaboration and Partnership​, please call Claudine  at  347 465 4045.

About Marie Claudine Mukamabano

Marie Claudine is an influential speaker, actress, artist, and model. As artist, she dances at universities, churches and community groups as part of the Rwanda Dance Theater Company. As singer, she performs at the International Commemoration Day to mark the 15th Anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide at the United Nations attended by the Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

She was awarded a Marathon Peace Medal from the International Women for Peace in Kigali Rwanda and honored for being the first artist from Rwanda selected among 600 applicants worldwide to participate in the Robert Wilson’s International Theater Projects in New York City on May 2005.

Today, She is an Author of “THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Be Yourself & Change Somebody’s Life Today.

She is the Founder , Chair-girl and CEO of Kuki Ndiho Rwanda Orphans Support Project , an organization that she established in 2005 to raise awareness on the genocide in Rwanda, help survivors, and aid orphans of HIV. In a personal capacity, she also serves as a mentor to many of the children, helping to build their confidence and give them inspiration.
After losing her parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, loved ones, friends, classmates, and fellow countrymen during the Rwandan Genocide, her Catholic faith inspired her to seek the answer to the question of KUKI NDIHO? (Why do I exist?-Pourquoi J’existe?). This question now serves as the name of her organization, which has an extensive fundraising program in New York, as well as a presence in Belgium and South Africa. The thousands of dollars raised thus far continue to support hundreds of orphans in Rwanda

About The  Special Guest Artists

Dean Green is a Jamaican Surrealism/Realism Artist and Poet. His art career started in Jamaica W.I. where he spent 4 years at Holmwood Technical Art School, learning the fundamentals of art and craft. He furthered his studies in Poetry and Art at Schoolcraft College in Detroit, MI.

As a professional artist and poet, he integrates poetic expressions of history, current events, dreams and everyday natural unfolding into artistic expressions from his imagination. His art pieces were recently featured at the Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, New York on June 1, 2014 on the distinguished and celebrity studded “Image Entertainment Awards” IED Awards Ceremony. To learn more about him, please

RaggaPraise is a Reggae Dancehall Gospel Artist from Mandeville, Jamaica. He has been dropping tracks in Jamaica for over 5 years, and is popular among Jamaica mainstream music.


“Now, I can do exercise with my only one arm”

One of the most heart wrenching story I heard from the Trauma Graduate Orphans was from a young lady whose right arm was chopped off by her Killer/Interahamwe during the genocide in Rwanda.

She told me that since 1994, she never receive the opportunity to do any exercise because in school all her professors use to tell her that she can’t do exercise with one arm, therefore she should just seat down and wait until when other students finish to do exercise. I can only imagine her pain during that time and feeling so isolated in society, and was discriminated by her own people for almost 20 years.

She sent me a very emotional thank you message and she said:”Dear Marie Claudine,
Thank you very much for choosing me to be one of the orphans who took the Trauma Training Course. I learned a lot. Most of all, I learned that I can do exercise despite the loss of one of my arm. Suzanne ( the Trainer) showed me care , she showed me how I can do exercise with only one army. I’m so happy now because I can do exercise on my own with one arm. I have started to teach other genocide orphans survivors especial these with disability how to care for themselves.I’m ready to help out the traumatized orphans who most of the time they bring to our local government to get help. . Yes , I will not be able to carry them because I have one arm but at least I will sit down with them, comfort them and share with them some skills and techniques I learned from Trauma Training. One more time, Thank you. ”

11 Rwandan Orphans who Graduated in Trauma Training & Stress Reduction in Kigali Rwanda ata Muhima Primary School

Written by Marie Claudine MUKAMABANO A Peacemaker ( Rwandan Genocide Orphan Survivor- Founder & CEO of WHY DO I EXIST?/ KUKI NDIHO RWANDA ORPHANS SUPPORT PROJECT)
1186 Fulton Street
Brooklyn,NY 11216
Tel: 347 465 4045